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ZEO ScientifiX is a Publicly Traded (ZEOX), Clinical-Stage Biopharmaceutical Company Committed to The Research of Novel Biological Therapeutics.

Harnessing the Power of Exosomes

These Tiny Powerhouse Vesicles Can Specifically Target Damaged Cells, Reduce Inflammation While Inducing Regeneration at The Cellular Level.

The ZEO ScientifiX Difference

Innovators of the World’s “First-Of-Its-Kind” Autologous Exosomes. 100% Safe and Natural AE’s Can Promote Tissue Healing, Skin and Hair Rejuvenation and Reduction of Inflammation.

Enriching Lives. Extending Lifespans. Fueling Visions.

Exosomes are Reshaping The Landscape For Many Specialties and Quickly Becoming the Next Breakthrough in Medicine.

The Future of Regenerative Aesthetics

ZEO High Concentration Products Are An Ideal Post Treatment Companion to Many Aesthetic Procedures.

2-Day Workshop: Mastering Your Wellness Practice

Join us for a transformative event designed to elevate your practice and enhance patient outcomes.

Introducing PPX

Patient Pure X™ (PPX™) is a first-of-its-kind Concentrated Autologous Exosome Product that contains highly bioactive nanoparticles from your own blood. This includes concentrations of approximately 400 billion (per dose) of exosomes that can decrease inflammation and promote tissue healing throughout the body.

Exosomes act as cell-to-cell messengers, which have their positive effects by powerful microRNAs and bioactive to sites of inflammation and tissue damage.

The exosomes isolated in PPX™ contain multiple types of microRNA, which target damaged cells and reduce inflammation while inducing regeneration at the cellular level—thereby promoting long-term healing and repair.

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Our Products

As a pioneering leader in biologic medicine, ZEO ScientifiX specializes in the development and manufacturing of a wide range of exosome biologics.

Autologous formulations that are crafted from the patient's own blood to address a myriad of therapeutic needs, to products specifically formulated for aesthetic applications, ZEO products deliver excellence in both efficacy and quality.

Elevate your practice to new heights of success with our premium exosome solutions and join us in reshaping the future of healthcare by advancing the frontiers of regenerative medicine and aesthetics.

Our Products

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