About ZEO ScientifiX

The Most Trusted Source
For Autologous Exosomes
Based in South Florida, ZEO ScientifiX (ZEOX) is a publicly traded biotechnology company committed to the research, development and manufacture of new biologic therapeutics, with a focus on current and potential regenerative therapeutics. ZEO ScientifiX™ is the leading, fully integrated Biologic Therapeutic Company.

At ZEO ScientifiX, we envision a future where the power of research lights the path to a healthier world, one milestone at a time. Rooted in a commitment to unraveling the process of aging and inflammation, unyielding pursuit of knowledge and innovation – through rigorous clinical research.

Our mission is to transform regenerative medicine through the development of novel nano-technologies and to become the health care incubator for the next generation of biologic medicines.

With regenerative biologic therapies and revolutionary nano-technologies as our tools, we embark on a journey that will enable people to live healthier and better lives.

ZEO Overview Brochure

Our Vision

Through our commitment to groundbreaking research, we envision a world where each discovery contributes to the larger tapestry of human well-being. We are resolute in our mission to harness the power of knowledge, to refine it through rigorous inquiry, and to illuminate the road ahead with breakthroughs that redefine the "what is possible in the field of medicine".

Our vision extends beyond the laboratory, weaving its way into the fabric of healthcare. Every achievement reached is a testament to our dedication to turning the hypothetical into the practical, the theoretical into the tangible.

Laboratory Facility

  • State-of-the Art Research and Manufacturing Facility
  • FDA registered, ISO7, CGMP, & FDA compliant
  • Rigorous quality management system
  • Specialized equipment for exosome production

Research Facility

  • Exosome and cell product testing
  • In-house microbiology/sterility testing
  • Access to NSU imaging, animal research, and genomic core facilities