The Most Advanced Isolation Method of Autologous Exosomes

Patient Pure X™ (PPX™) is a Highly-Concentrated Autologous Exosome Product that contains exosomes and proteins extracted from your own blood that can decrease elements of cellular inflammation and promote tissue healing.

PPX™, Next Generation PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been a therapeutic tool in the field of regenerative medicine, concentrating the platelets and growth factors for cellular and tissue repair. However, because of the lack of standardization of how PRP is prepared and the common presence of cellular material other than the platelets, results can be quite variable.

PPX™ is an autologous blood-derived biologic that goes beyond PRP, concentrating only the regenerative fraction of the patients’ blood - specifically the exosomes - and other bioactive proteins.

The specific exosomes isolated in PPX™ contain >300 bioactive proteins and miRNA markers which are considered the mechanism of action that reduces inflammation and induces regeneration at the cellular level.

Our proprietary methods to create PPX™, including an ultra high-speed centrifugation process concentrates an average of 400 billion nanoparticles per dose. These powerful exosomes immediately begin the beneficial cascade of cellular reprogramming and tissue repair after the PPX™ is given to a patient.

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Exosomes vs. PRP:
How do they compare?


  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • >300 bio-active compounds that promote tissue rejuvenation (e.g. micro-RNA, RNA, DNA, lipids)
  • Increased collagen deposition
  • More consistent clinical outcomes
  • Reduced pain
  • Easy to use and compatible with other regenerative therapies
  • Highly favorable safety profile
  • No need for preparing the exosome therapeutic in the office
  • More rapid results


  • Can initially cause inflammation
  • Lacks many bio-active compounds of exosomes
  • Inconsistent clinical outcomes
  • Requires extra equipment and additional prep time in the office
  • No standardization of how PRP is prepared
  • Aesthetic results may be more delayed

The Power of Exosomes

Exosomes act as cell-to-cell messengers, which have several impactful effects throughout your body, delivering proteins and microRNA.

The exosomes isolated in PPX™ contain multiple types of specific microRNA markers, which target damaged cells and reduce inflammation while inducing regeneration at the cellular level. This promotes long term healing and repair.

Why PPX?

  • Natural & Organic Product
  • Cell-free, non-HCT/P therapeutic
  • Minimally invasive blood draw
  • Fast procedure with no downtime
  • Personalized use; from your own body

How it Works?

The Patient's blood is collected and sent overnight to our lab.
The plasma fraction is separated, removing all cell types, and then concentrated into their own PPX™ solution.
The PPX™ concentrate is tested for microbial and viral contamination before it is released and shipped back to the physician’s office for personalized use.

The PPX™ Difference

A revolutionary plasma precipitate fraction, PPX™ is a next generation therapeutic in the field of regenerative medicine.

Concentrated plasma fraction rich in nanoparticles Yes No
Cell reprogramming for long-term positive physiological changes Yes No
Cell-free, Non-HCT/P product Yes No
FDA-compliant laboratory Yes No
Tested free of microbial contamination and endotoxins Yes No

Getting Started is Simple

The PPX™ Processing Kit will be shipped directly to the physician's office and includes everything needed for the blood draw procedure and the shipping materials to return the specimen overnight to our FDA registered, cGMP compliant laboratory.

Once we receive the blood sample, our highly skilled team of scientists and biologists process and concentrate the exosomes utilizing high-speed centrifugation technology. In approximately one week, the final product is shipped overnight to the physician’s office in two 1mL vials containing the purified and concentrated autologous exosomes.

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